They search the Internet. Many times, they’ll ask their phones to “locate restaurants, hardware stores, grocery stores.... near me.” The phone then goes to work searching local listings online based on keywords and addresses. Those that appear on the top of that list don’t appear there by mistake. High search engine ranking involves tactics, not luck.

Optimizing your Search Engine is key to ranking higher amongst your competitors. Remember, if people can't find you, they can't do business with you. Give yourself the leverage you need to keep your brand and business on solid ground.

Being found starts with getting a website but goes much farther than that. It involves search engine optimization to make your business one of the first to be found, and listed at the top in people's search engine browser. Local search marketing tactics are designed to ensure that your website is seen by those who are searching for businesses like yours, within your region. To capitalize on this tactic, your business also needs to be on the map.

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