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  1. Portray your business as established

  2. Attract customers

  3. Build your brand

  4. Differentiate from competitors

  5. Stand out

  6. Reflect your business personality

  7. Identify your business at a glance

Building the brand for your business is all about establishing your presence in the midst of the hundreds of others competing against you, and creating a positive first impression.


Since branding implies a business's level of establishment, care, and service, potential customers form their opinions based on first impressions. We all know a person's perception becomes their reality. BOOM will assist you in building a solid brand, and create your 'STORY' to go with it. Every brand starts with a logo. Our team of professionals will create a logo that fits perfect with your brand, and project the image you desire to convey to your customers.

Logo Design / Creation

Logo Redesigning

Graphic Design

Brand Story Development

Brand Marketing

Market Research

Color Psychology

Logo Scalability (Formatting)

    You already have a logo? Perhaps, it's time for a new one. 

    1.    Changed your business name?

    2.    Changed your companies misson statement or philosophy?

    3.    Noticed your logo is too similar to someone else’s?

    4.    Recently merged with another company?

    5.    Thought about wanting to upgrade to a professional logo?

    6.    Noticed your current logo doesn’t convey the message you want it to?

    7.    Realized your current logo has too many colors, or fonts that are hard to read?

Our design team CUSTOM creates each and every logo from scratch. Your logo will be unique to your business and project the product, mission, and/or philosophy. Nothing about your logo is generic.

               While creating your logo we keep the following six design aspects in mind:

From Start to Finish

Our team researches the market to find out who your competitors are. We also evaluate what they are doing to brand their business. We take note of their logo designs and make sure your's is unique so it STANDS APART and GETS NOTICED. 

Colors influence people, it's really that simple. Colors create a reaction within the customer. Color has been known to have a powerful psychological impact on people’s behavior and decisions. Color can often be the sole reason someone purchases a product. Some 93% of buyers focus on visual appearance and almost 85% claim color to be their primary reason for purchase! Our team researches the best use of colors for your logo and design.

Your logo design is arranged so it easily conveys your business product and/or message. No confusing patterns, or fonts that are hard to read. We want your customers to easily recognize what you are about, at a glance. 

Your logo is formatted for many types of use from media, advertising, websites, apparel, business cards, all the way to banners and billboards.

Less is more when it comes to your logo. Think Apple, Nike, Shell, Mitshubitshi, and 3M. Simple is powerful, effective, catchy, and sticks in ones memory easily. A great logo design delivers all the meaning it intends to in just a few seconds, however, designing a logo that is simple enough to be absorbed and understood quickly, and still convey the many meanings a brand might depend on, is not an easy task. You can count on our team to deliver results that will surprise you!

Your logo is designed to stand the test of time. Our team incorporates the four elements of an everlasting design: style, font, packaging (style and text), and colors. Designing an effective, lasting logo when you first start your business is time and money well spent. The strongest and everlasting logo designs are often simple and classy.


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  We meet with you and to find out all we can about your business so we can begin the process of forming a  concept to base your logo on. If you have ideas you'd like to share, we are interested in hearing them, as well as, seeing any visuals you may have constructed that you feel are integral to the image of your business. Using      the six design aspects outlined above, we get to work on several logos that would prove valuable to your                                                                                        business.

Rough Drafts

After many hours of research, brainstorming, communicating, and sketching, we provide you with three logo concepts to choose from. You select your favorite, and we get to work refining your design for final draft.

Final Draft

We deliver your finished customized logo ready to use with all the graphics and text, copyright and file formats to use on all your marketing productions whether print, digital, physical, or other.

Share Your Brand with the World

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